Our services

in different projects

Maintenance of heavy machinery

  • Design of maintenance plans.
  • Preventive maintenance.
  • Corrective maintenance.
  • General inspection.

Electrical services

Maintenance and installation of:
  • Power plants.
  • Medium and low voltage.
  • Electrical substations.

Surface preparation and coating application

  • Consulting, application, and inspection of industrial coating systems.
  • Surface preparation by abrasive cleaning and manual-mechanical tools.
  • Application of polymeric coatings for restoration of rotating equipment.

Medical projects

  • Design, provision, and maintenance of hospital infrastructure.
  • Biomedical equipment maintenance solutions.
  • Design, assembly, and maintenance of water treatment plants for hospital and clinical laboratory applications.
  • Sale and distribution of biomedical equipment and spare parts.

General projects

  • Design, development, and execution of industrial projects, either from scratch or for process improvement.
  • Development of commercial management plans and strategies, adapted to the needs of the company.

Industrial service

  • Design and manufacture of industrial equipment.
  • Genetal maintenance of industrial equipment.
  • Advice for the acquisition of equipment or spare parts.